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I was raised loving color, and my childhood summers were full of art camps and museums. My family moved often, so turning empty new living spaces into warm, comfortable and functional homes was a personal lifestyle, and those beginnings formed in me a hunger for design and creativity that has stayed with me to this day.

My fundamental love for color as a key design element was reinforced during my time at the University of Arkansas, where I received my degree in Interior Design, with a minor in Studio Art. One class in particular, a deep study of Color Theory presented by a visiting professor from Harvard, made a permanent impression on me. I realized that all colors are built upon adjacent colors. This constant affects every decision I make. My hyper awareness of this fact has completely changed my outlook on design, choosing fabrics, paints, natural verses LED lighting, and design interaction with nature.

Following graduation, as an intern at a leading Architectural and Engineering firm in Little Rock, Arkansas, I focused on my dream of designing children’s hospital spaces to be more creative and fun, and much less scary for children who were already uncomfortable and fearful. This experience building warmth, color and comfort into professional and commercial settings has driven subsequent projects - designing a one-day surgery center, numerous physicians’ clinics, a university head coach’s office, an industrial & mobile dealership, and even an Aveda Concept hair salon. This salon is newly located within a historic building. My use of industrial metals such as commissioned mirrors, exposed ductwork and LED lighting combines together to make an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.

On the residential front, where design becomes a very personal reflection of the homeowner, my approach to materials and application is equally personal. I strive to combine form with function for families considering budget, timeliness, ease of care, layout of furnishings, window treatments, lighting, art placement among many other details. Working with handicapped accessibility issues as well is important to me.

Recently, after more than 24 years working with designers and architects in Oklahoma, Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas and Louisiana, as well as a solo interior design business owner, I fulfilled a lifelong dream. Focusing on my strengths in creativity of material selections and combinations, design and layouts, finishes, and my obsession of finding the perfect piece for each and every detail, regardless of project size, I joined with two colleagues and opened a full-scale design center, studio and product showplace in a renovated 1930’s building in downtown Ruston, Louisiana.

Trenton Interiors and Company represents a new concept in the design and interior shopping experience. With more than 5,000 square feet of historic retail space, we have a visually exciting, esthetically pleasing venue where clients can see the very latest in everything from tile and paint to furniture, appliances, hardware, original local art and accessories, all in a relaxing, no-pressure environment. The shop features numerous displays and vignettes of kitchens, luxury baths, and individual room settings, and the free-flowing space allows moving, mixing and matching components with ease.

Today, Julie Mays Interiors accommodates both residential and commercial design, combining a deep appreciation for color, texture, design and materials together with more than 20 years of experience across hundreds of projects of every size and scale. I look forward to a bright future in Interior Design and working with you.


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